Give Your Car a New Lease Of Life With A Set of Tailored Car Mats, Manufactured in the UK!

Welcome to Mr Car Mats, your tailored car mat specialist!

When you need new car mats in the UK, you need look no further than our high-quality products. We only supply carpet and rubber mats that have been made and finished by hand right here in the UK, so you can be sure that they’re manufactured to the highest standards.

Our range of products offer a blend of comfort, style, and personality. Elevate your driving experience with car mats that not only protect your vehicle but also add a personal touch to your car interior. Our site is simple to use, just enter your car reg, confirm your vehicle and choose from a wide range of carpet and trim colours, logos and custom text options. Once ordered we double check your details to ensure the correct mats, tailored made to fit your specific vehicle are quickly manufactured and shipped.

Give Your Vehicle A Makeover with A Stylish Tailored Car Mat

Why choose a tailored made car mat? The answer lies in the fit of the mat your specific vehicle, including the fixing points that keep your mats secure. Tailored car mats at Mr Car Mats are custom-made to fit the precise dimensions of your vehicle, using the original manufacturers pattern for your car's interior. Unlike generic products, tailored mats provide safety as they will not move around and snag the pedals of the vehicle. Our mats fit like a glove, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your vehicle and providing complete protection for the car interior. Add personalised edging trims and custom text to complement your vehicle.

With our tailored car mats, your vehicle interior will look brand-new! It’s a great way to give the interior of your car a makeover and to keep it looking pristine for many years to come. Our quality car mat is specialist automotive material and is waterproof and fire retardant. Keep your vehicle interior carpet free from all mud, spillages, and dirt, ensuring that your car, your pride and joy, is protected and retains its value.

Logo Car Mats For A Bespoke Style
Creating a bespoke style for your car is a breeze with Mr Car Mats. We’ve put together an amazing collection of carpet colours for you to choose from, with vibrantly coloured trims. Or why not choose one of our logos for your car mats or add bespoke style personal text? Adding custom text, logos and coloured trims allows you to design your own unique product. Whether you want to create a subtle, sophisticated look or a more dramatic and eye-catching design, you’re sure to love your vehicle’s stylish new look.

Car Mats To Boost Your Safety
When you choose a quality tailored car mat, you’ll not only benefit from a stylish new look for your vehicle but also added safety. All our mats are manufactured using quality automotive carpet or rubber, they are water-resistant and have anti-slip backing and fixing clips so your car mat will stay securely in position. Every car mat is quality tested before shipping, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind in your purchase.

Protect Your Car’s Value With Personalised Car Mats
Even better, our car mats don’t just help you to enhance the appearance of your vehicle’s interior – they also help you to retain your vehicle’s value. Personalised car mats will protect your vehicles under carpet from dirt, water, mud, and the general wear and tear caused by regular use.
Our car mats are all designed to the individual manufacturers’ original pattern, so they are tailored specifically to match the floor of your specific vehicle. That means they’ll fit snugly into every contour of the car floor to offer maximum protection and style.

Easy Cleaning and Maintaining
Are your car mats muddy or have an unpleasant smell? Is there a big dark stain from spilled drinks? Cars take a lot of wear and tear and may often need cleaning. Our mats are designed to be very easy to clean and maintain so they look at their best for the longest period, providing great value. In addition to regular vacuuming, our mats can we removed from the car and cleaned using detergent and water. Apply water with a bucket and sponge or use a hose pipe or jet washer. Hang the mat in a well-ventilated area to air dry. This straightforward process ensures your car mat stays clean and fresh smelling. You can also use a wire brush to lift and fluff your carpet pile.

Note: Do not wash your car mats in washing machines the rubber anti-slip rubber backing will lose its texture.

A little Extra Protection: Custom Fit Boot Liners
We provide range of products that deliver full car interior protection. Along with carpet and rubber mats for the seating area, we also supply tailored boot liners and universal bumper protectors. Add an extra layer to protect the cars boot and help to retain the value of the car. These liners are made up of durable and easy-to-clean materials, protecting against dirt, spills and scratches, keeping your car boot spotless. Great for trips to the tip, muddy paws or dirty sports kit – give your boot some extra protection with a tailored boot liner, manufactured to snugly fit the contours of your specific car.

Simple, Hassle-Free Order Process
Find it difficult to match a car mat that perfectly fits your car model. We have made it easy. The process is simple just enter your car reg on our site and we will find and display the options that are a perfect match for your car. We also customise the mats on your demand to give them personal look that matches your style and your car interior. Got a red car – why not have mats with a red trim and red personal text?

No matter what kind of vehicle you own, we have custom car mats that are manufactured to fit perfectly. We manufacture mats to order for all makes and models, so just enter your car registration number above and we’ll help you find the ideal car mat to suit your needs.


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Very good . Good quality . Looks nice - 10/10


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Very impressed!! Was worried it wouldn’t fit perfectly… however I was pleasantly impressed- love the edging too! Would highly recommend and great prices too! - 10/10


Paul Collins

Decent mats, fit well, look good, well priced. - 10/10


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Superb product. Great quality and competitive price. Good service too. Would recommend. Thanks Mr. Car Mats - 10/10


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Good quality mats that fit very well, delivery was a few days longer than expected, would recommend. - 8/10


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So pleased with car mats and a very good price so easy to order and delivery so quick. Will certainly recommend to my friends Thank you - 10/10


Paul Collins

Decent mats, fit well, look good, well priced. - 10/10


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Great service mats fit perfectly for my Mercedes GLA can't speak highly enough about mrcarmats no hesitation in using this service again - 10/10


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Excellent value for money - 9/10


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Lovely mats, brilliant fit promt delivery great communication, clarfying the design and where to put it. Very happy 👍 - 10/10


Why Choose Mr.Car Mats?

  • In stock and made to order just for you in England
  • Supplied with clips to fit seamlessly into existing fittings in your vehicle
  • Set of 4 mats including driver, passenger, and 2 rear mats
  • Water-resistant and anti-slip finished with a rubber backing
  • 12-month warranty covering manufacturing defects
  • Quick delivery
  • Free shipping when you spend over £40

More information about your
tailored car mats from Mr.Car Mats

Why Choose Mr Car Mats?
Mr Car Mats is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service along with our high-quality custom car mats. We have recently been awarded a Feefo Platinum trusted award because of our dedication towards customer service. We’re proud of our reputation as a car mat manufacturer. Our customers give us constant feedback about rating us higher than other online car mats stores such as Halfords, Amazon, eBay, Tesco and Argos. This is because we value the quality of our products and customer service above anything else.
Why Buy Tailored Car Mats?
A tailored car mat is designed to be the perfect size and shape for your vehicle, whatever its make and model. It will fit perfectly into the floor of your car, with no gaps, lumps or bumps that could cause a safety hazard or result in the dirt getting onto the under carpet. With a tailored car mat, your vehicle will look effortlessly stylish, with that brand-new look and feel from the moment you open the door.
What Customisation Options Are Available?
Customising your car mat is a breeze with Mr Car Mats. You can opt for a personalised car mat with your own choice of text or logo to create a unique and individual look. We also stock a range of attractive colours for you to pick from, with genuine fixing clips and colourful trim options. Please note, though, that our industrial rubber car mat product line is only available in standard black with no customisation options available.
Are your Car Mats Made-To-Measure?
Our car mats offer perfect protection for your car floor interior. Unlike a cheap universal car mat, our products will fit snugly into every contour of your vehicle’s floor, providing optimal protection for your car’s interior. Thanks to this tailored fit together with an anti-slip rubber backing, your car mat won’t move while you’re driving, something that is a common problem with universal car mats that often move around and can snag under your pedals potentially endangering your life.
Are your Car Mats Genuine?
Our car mat products are genuine fit car mats, made to the exact pattern of the manufacturers'’ original product. We take the original manufacturer's product and carefully plot every contour and shape of the mats to create a CAD pattern. This includes the positions of any fixing clips or fixings. The CAD pattern is the template used by our laser cutters to produce each car mat to order, ensuring that it is the perfect snug fit for your vehicle’s floor.
Do Universal Car Mats Fit All Cars?
A universal car mat is designed to be suitable for use in all vehicles however it won’t fit perfectly onto the floor of your individual car. As a result, you’ll find that a universal car mat will have gaps that don’t offer full protection for the under carpet. It may also slide around, causing a potential safety hazard. A tailored car mat is a far better option as it is structured specifically for your individual make and model.
What Car Mats Fit My Car?
It couldn’t be easier to find out which car mat is the ideal fit for your car when you buy from Mr Car Mats. Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the box above and we will be able to instantly match your car with the ideal car mat to suit its specific make and model. Since we manufacture car mats for all vehicle manufacturers, you’re sure to find what you need when you shop with us. If you have a classic car we can manufacture bespoke car mats to a pattern / template OR we can copy your old mats if you send them to us.
How Do You Keep Car Mats Looking New?
Keeping your car mat looking as good as new is a breeze. Simply brush the dust from its surface then vigorously bang and shake the mat to loosen up the dirt. You can then vacuum the surface of the car mat and use a hose or pressure washer to get rid of any dirt that is deeply ingrained. Spray the surface of the mat with carpet shampoo or washing detergent and work it into the mat with a brush. Vacuum once more to get rid of the grime and hang your car mat to dry in a well-ventilated location.
How Long Do Car Floor Mats Last?
A car mat can last for many years if they are cared for properly, however, it’s essential to always choose a quality product from a reliable supplier like Mr Car Mats. A carpeted car mat will last for several years before needing to be replaced. Rubber car mats can last even longer. The way in which you use your car mat and care for it also has an impact on its lifespan. When car mats are regularly cleaned, they last longer. Also, if you rarely use your vehicle, your car mats will last for longer.
When Should I Replace My Car Mat?
Although car mats can last a long time, they will eventually require replacement. If your car mat is slipping around or is worn through, it’s a sign that you should replace it. You should also replace any car mat that is the wrong size or that has stains that won’t come out. If your car mats are mouldy or have an unpleasant odour, it’s also wise to replace them so that your vehicle can remain fresh and safe. If you only need a drivers mat replacing, get in touch and we can provide a promo code for our Drivers Side Mat Replacement Service.
How Do I Keep My Floor Mats From Sliding In My Car?
Every car mat that we sell here at Mr Car Mats is manufactured with a high-quality rubber backing that is designed to be anti-slip. That means it won’t move around easily on your car floor during use. We also supply each car mat with high-quality fixing clips so that it will remain firmly in position with no risk of bunching up or getting snagged on the pedals which can cause a major hazard while driving.
What Materials Are The Car Mats Made From?
Our inventory includes both rubber car mats and carpet car mats. Our car mat product line manufactures each set of rubber or carpet mats to order. Made from specialist automotive carpets, each carpet car mat is fire retardant and has an anti-slip rubber backing to protect your car floor interior from mud and dirt, spillages, tears, rips, and snags to retain the value of your vehicle. We offer four different grades of automotive carpet material from Standard to Platinum, so you can find the ideal car mat for you at a suitable price. Please note that we don’t sell cheap car mats as we feel these are made from inferior / low quality material.
Which Is Better Carpet Or Rubber Car Mats?
Here at Mr Car Mats, we sell both rubber and carpet car mats, and both are very high-quality products. However, in some cases, a rubber car mat may be advisable over a carpet one. For example, if you spend lots of time in wet or muddy areas, a rubber car mat will offer better protection for your vehicle’s floor than a carpet car mat. A carpet car mat is a great choice if you spend a lot of time driving in cities and on motorways. Some customers buy our rubber mats as overmats to protect the carpet mats below.
Can Car Mats Go In The Washing Machine?
Although it seems like putting your car mat in the washing machine is the ideal cleaning solution, unfortunately, the products we sell here at Mr Car Mats aren’t suitable for machine cleaning. A car mat can only be put in the washing machine if it is entirely made of fabric with no rubber components. The rubber anti-slip backing that we use is unsuitable for washing machines and tumble dryers, so our car mats must be hand-washed.
Can Old Car Mats Be Recycled?
More people than ever before are keen to recycle their old and worn-out items, but not every household recycling centre will accept your old car mat since they are made up of both rubber and carpet components. It’s best to check with your local council to see whether they are able to recycle car mats at their facilities. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other ways to reuse an old car mat. You can pass them on to another driver or use them for kneeling on when gardening.

Coming Soon – A range of recyclable, eco-friendly car mats!

Did you know
we offer a custom made service for...

  • Classic Car Mats
  • 4x4 Mats
  • Van Mats
  • Motorhome Mats
  • Boat Mats
  • Special Projects

Create a Template using paper, card or wallpaper or we'll collect your original mats.
We then plot your pattern and your bespoke mats are cut and hand finished in the UK.

Your mats are manufactured, in carpet or rubber and are trimmed with the edging of your choice by skilled machinists.