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Mr Car Mats – your number one choice top quality tailored car mats – Manufactured and hand finished in the UK. Open your car door to see a car interior that looks like new! Mr Car Mats will help you to keep your car interior pristine and free from dirt, mud and spillages.

Combine safety and style with our wide range of carpet and rubber mats. All mats come with an anti-slip rubber backing and fixing clips to keep your mats secure. Add your own style with our range of carpet colours, vibrant coloured trims, custom text and logo options. Mr Car Mats will help you to enhance the appearance of your cars’ interior AND will help you to retain the value of your car! Protect the under carpet of your vehicle from dirt, mud, water and general wear and tear by investing in a well-made set of tailored fit car mats – designed to the original manufacturers pattern to fit snugly into all of the contours of your car floor!

Tailored Car Mats

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Mr Car Mats
Why buy tailored car mats?
No competitor can offer a better service! Choices of carpet quality for every budget, personalisation options including high quality embroidered logos, rapid delivery, guaranteed quality and fit, no quibble returns and award-winning customer service. Our made-to-measure rubber car mats and our carpet car mats, also carry a manufacturers’ warranty against ware. We have the largest selection of carpet CAD patterns for right hand drive and left-hand drive vehicles in the UK. To put it simply, Mr Car Mats is your #1 online shop to buy car mats. We also offer tailored fit rubber boot liners and bumper protectors.
All car floor mats that we supply are hand-crafted by expert CAD certified engineers. All our products are made-to-measure, and we can have your products manufactured and delivered within days of your order.
What customisation options are available?
You can choose a personalised car mat or a car mat with a logo. These are two options you have when it comes to purchasing carpet car mats from us. They are also available in a range of colours with genuine fixing clips and trim options. Our industrial rubber car mat product line is only available in black.
Are your car mats made-to-measure?
Our mats offer perfect protection for your car floor interior. Our genuine fit car mats are made-to-measure. Unlike cheap quality universal car mats, our products are designed to fit snugly into every contour of your car floor interior, providing the best possible protection for your cars’ interior. The tailored fit of the car mats will help to prevent the mats from moving whilst you are driving as or mats are cut on a state-of the-art lase cutter, to the pattern of the original manufacturers floor mats. Mats also have original fixing clips and a rubber backing for ultimate safety. WARNING – Non-Genuine car mats can move around and snag under the pedals, which can cause a danger to life.

Ordering your genuine fit car mats is easy! Simply enter your car registration number in the yellow box provided and confirm your car details and we will take care of the rest! We will locate the correct pattern, cut your car mats from the original car mat template and have your tailored made car mats delivered within a couple of days.
Odour free rubber car mats
We currently have a limited supply of odour free rubber car mats for sale. These are injection moulded, vanilla scented which completely removes the scent of new rubber car mats.
Do you deliver car floor mats abroad?
Our focus is right hand drive car mats, which is why most of our target audience are in the UK & Ireland. However, we can manufacture left hand drive car mats if you send us the details of your vehicle: Manufacturer, Model, Year, Transmission. Please also send your delivery address so that we can calculate the postage charge.
Whilst our online shop is not designed for overseas orders, we can process overseas orders via phone or email. Please contact us with us with your requirements.
What materials are the car mats made from?
Our inventory includes both rubber car mats and carpet car mats. Our car mat product line manufactures each set of rubber or carpet mats to order. The carpet mats are made from specialist automotive carpet. They are fire retardant and have an anti-slip rubber backing to protect your car floor interior from mud and dirt, spillages, tears, rips, and snags. This will help you to retain the value of your vehicle.

Our carpet car mats are available in four different grades of automotive carpet material. Standard quality mats are £23.99 for a full set of mats. Premium quality are £34.99, Ultimate mats are our main dealer equivalent mats and are £39.99. Platinum mats are our top quality, deep pile, luxury car mats and these are £99. For more information on our ranges of quality car mat type, please see our Car Mats Buying Guide.
Are your car mats genuine?
Our car mat products are genuine fit car mats, made to the exact pattern of the manufacturers’ original product. We take the original manufactures product and carefully plot every contour and shape of the mats to create a CAD pattern. This includes the positions of any fixing clips or fixings. The CAD pattern is the template used by our laser cutters to produce your mats to order.
Do your car mats come with a heel pad?
Our 2 lower grade carpet car mats come with a heel pad. Heel pads are added to car mats to provide extra durability and protection for wear. The two higher grade carpet car mats are so thick they do not require heel pads. Rubber mats do not have a heel pad.
Are car mat fixing clips included?
All car mats are supplied with a fixing system to keep your car mats in place whilst you are driving. Modern mainstream cars will be provided with the genuine manufacturers fixing system. Exotic, non-mainstream and classic cars are supplied with universal fixing clips. To view images of our range of fixings clips, please visit our car mat fixing clips blog page.
How long will my car mat order take to arrive?
From the moment you place your order your car mat requirements are sent to the factory for production by skilled machinists. This can take between 3-5 days.
Am I able to track my car mat delivery?
A tracking code will be sent to you so you can track and trace your car mat products online. All online orders are sent out via DHL next day delivery
Why choose Mr Car Mats?
We value providing our customers with expertly made custom car mats along with a top-notch customer service. We have recently been awarded a Feefo Platinum trusted award because of our dedication towards customer service.

We are proud of our reputation as a car mat manufacturer. Our customers give us constant feedback about rating us higher than other online car mat stores such as Halfords, Amazon, eBay, Tesco and Argos. This is because we value the quality of our products & customer service above anything else.

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Tailored Mats
Tailored Car Mats